michael cary in west virginia

Michael Cary attorney in Charleston, West Virginia: his website is HERE!

Betty Strother Waller may be reached by email at bwaller@carylawoffice.com. She has retired from the practice of law.

Stephen P. Stewart is now with the law firm of Harris & Hilton, and can be reached at 919-848-6164.

Jorgelina E. Araneda and W. Randall Stroud, have separated into a new multi-state immigration law practice, Araneda & Stroud Immigration Law Group. If you need assistance with immigration matters, please call them at (919) 788-9225, or follow this link for an immigration attorney with offices in Raleigh. They handle family cases, professional visas, plus deportation and removal cases. They are located at 5400 Glenwood Ave., Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27612.

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